ANNEAU-PIANO(Digital Pianos)

■Store introduction

A store specializing in digital pianos that offers a wide range of products that satisfy everyone from beginners to professionals who are particular about sound.
All the pianos in the store are available for trial. We also have “ANNEAU-PIANO’s Room” where you can check the installation image of the piano in your room.


Wide range and expressiveness. The feeling that even oneself is polished as the performance technique improves. It is a space that expresses the characteristics of such a piano.
The white-based interior, wall mirrors, and gold rings decorating the ceiling give off a sense of quality.
Here is the time to hone your sensibilities and drive you to a higher level of yourself.

ANNEAU-PIANO(Digital Pianos)

4F Shibuya Square B, 1-7-4 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150-0043, Japan
TEL : +81-3-6433-7944